We are delighted to announce our first cooperation partner in this endeavor: The network of German-speaking speculative fiction authors (Phantastik-Autoren-Netzwerk e.V., or PAN for short) is a registered association that does what it says in the name: strengthening the voice of German-language SF, fantasy, and horror writers, fostering connection and networking, campaigning for a higher appreciation, more coverage, a better standing of the speculative genres in a culture that is notoriously hung up on paying its respects and giving visibility only to highbrow, serious literature. Just as we want to do with MetropolCon, PAN exists to prove that speculative fiction deserves recognition as a rich, diverse, vital field of discourse that has more to offer than pew-pew, abracadabra, and “brainssss”. Though those are valid, too.

PAN pledged its support, both advisory and financial, while MetropolCon will integrate and organize the 2023 iteration of their annual “Branchentreffen”, which serves as general assembly, conference, and networking meetup, including an evening of readings called “Lesenacht”.

Our vision prioritizes “bringing people together”, so this cooperation is a milestone in the development of our convention. 

Stay tuned for further cooperation announcements in the coming weeks.P.S. If you want to know more about the registered association behind MetropolCon, i.e. the people working to make it all happen, look no further