Constanze Hofmann in an orange MetropolCon tee

Get to know the members of MetropolCon’s team in the coming weeks. This time, we have the second-in-command, our minute-taker, volunteer manager, and the equivalent of a “speaker of the house,” Constanze:

  • Please introduce yourself briefly:

Hello, my name is Constanze Hofmann, I live in Munich, and I’m a voracious reader, almost exclusively in SFF. My entryway to organized fandom was via the Hugo awards, which also led me to my first Worldcon in Helsinki in 2017. Since then, I’m a con addict, and when I volunteered for Dublin 2019, I was made Displays Co-Area Head straight away.

  • Why are you part of the MetropolCon team?

Because I don’t want to always have to travel abroad to experience a cool, variegated con that is organized by fans for fans.

  • It’s Saturday night at the con: Where will you be found?

Hopefully, at an awesome evening event, whether that is an award ceremony, a cosplay  competition, or a concert. I’ll probably fall asleep after that, since I’ll have spent the whole day helping to make attendees & participants smile.

  • What are your wishes for the future of the speculative genres, particularly in Germany?

Multiplicity, and as broad a perspective as possible; looking over the rim of the teacup, and not just at the English-speaking countries. Europe is varied, and this variety should be mirrored in the speculative texts and media that are available.

  • Best sidekick in fiction?

Drawing a blank; my favorite shows and books are often the ones where the team is the star.

  • You just won a week-long trip to a fantasy/SF world of your choice: Where will you go? 

I’m embarking on a cruise on the flying ship from Martha Wells’ “Books of the Raksura” stories.

  • One work of speculative fiction (whether book or film or series or game) you would strongly recommend we all check out?

Mary Robinette Kowal’s “Lady Astronaut” series. The first book, “The Calculating Stars,” which won a Hugo for best novel in 2019, finally comes out in German in December, 2021.