That’s it, that’s the news: After the Leipzig Book Fair postponed its dates for 2023 to “our” weekend, we were forced to find alternative dates for MetropolCon, which we succeeded in doing after much swearing and tearing our hair. Now we are looking forward to May 18-20, 2023.

Thursday, May 18 is a holiday, namely Ascension Day, and not only in Germany, but also in several neighboring countries (Austria, Switzerland, France, BeNeLux, Scandinavia … ) And a Thu-to-Sat event means there is still time on Saturday evening and Sunday for sightseeing, winding down, clubbing, taking strolls, or simply for an unhurried journey home.

We hope that the new dates suit you at least as well as the original ones. Now we do a little dance to ask the appropriate deities for perfect weather, and then we get the spaceship ready for takeoff … we mean we go back to full-steam planning. What can you do to give us a little boost, you ask? Why, you could GET YOUR TICKET NOW

Thank you for your patience & support!