We now have two team members names Ralf. High time we introduce our 1st Ralf, whose focus is on infrastructure.

Please introduce yourself briefly

My name is Ralf Bayer, I am 59 years old, married and have three grown-up children. I earn my living as an IT architect. Influenced by the Apollo program, I’ve always been interested in science fiction, fantasy came later (thanks, Ralph Bakshi and Professor Tolkien), and a bit later still some horror. Besides that, I play the clarinet and sing in two choirs. I live in the beautiful Wetterau, just inside the Empire.

Why are you part of the MetropolCon team?

As a “late-comer” but all the more enthusiastic con-goer, I would like to give something back to the German con scene. And especially Berlin needs a con that matches this interesting city.

It’s Saturday night at a con: where can you be found?

At the bar, with the filkers, or on the dance floor – depending on what’s on offer (if I have any say in it: all three).

What are your wishes for the future of the speculative genres, particularly in Germany?

I wish some of the current stories would return to the realm of fiction.

Best fictional sidekick of all time?

Most definitely Samwise Gamgee

You just won a week-long trip to a fantasy/SF world of your choice: Where will you go?

To Terrania City. But please let me go to one of the time jumps when peace reigns.

One work of speculative fiction (whether book or film or series or game) you would strongly recommend we all check out?

The most beautiful time travel novel ever: Time and Again by Jack Finney.