Linda Sack

🇩🇪 Writer

Linda creates, according to her own statement, “Fantasy worlds from Urban to Romance”. She lives in Upper Bavaria with her husband, two children and a dog. Between family, household, and day job, she works on her projects: “Writing is a short vacation for me and that’s exactly what I want to give my readers as well.”

In addition, Linda is part of the MetropolCon team. In our program, you can find her on the panel “Phantastik-Podcasts in Deutschland,” Friday 3-4 pm, in Atelier 3.


Meet Linda, who focuses on the important things in life. Like breakfasts. Have a guess what her favorite story is … and who her favorite hero.

Please introduce yourself briefly.

Sure. My name is Linda Sack, and I am an author, editor, managing director of Kunst-Werk im Klenzepark e.V. in Ingolstadt, but there are many other things I like to do. Among them also P&P and LARP. I live near Ingolstadt with my husband, two children and our dog. I have been organizing medium-sized and smaller events for 20 years. What can I say: I have many interests.

Why are you a part of MetropolCon?

Because it is one of the dreams that is still on my list. I would like to realize events that put German fantasy and science fiction center stage, because for me, these genres just don’t get enough exposure and attention.

It’s Saturday night at a con: where can people find you?

In a conversation with other authors, fans, and exhibitors. I love a good conversation and am always the one at events going from booth to booth talking to exhibitors.

What do you wish for the future of the speculative genres, especially in Germany?

A broad base and acceptance. Fantasy is not a niche and doesn’t need to hide behind so-called literature. I wish that as a fantasy author, you won’t be treated with a tired smile, but that the general public will have accepted that writing – no matter in which genre – is art and that a lot of work and heart and soul and passion go into each book until it is published.

Best fictional sidekick of all time?

Samwise Gamgee (Lord of the Rings) – for me, the real hero of the story.

You win a week in a fantastic world of your choice: where to?

To my own, of course: I’d love to get to know the world and characters of my imagination, and not just in my head. And, of course, to the world of The Lord of the Rings, to talk to the Elves and Gandalf, meet Aragorn and have several breakfasts with the Hobbits.

One work of speculative fiction (book/movie/series/game …) that you would recommend to all of us?

One? Phew, that’s a tough one. The classic for me is The Lord of the Rings, even if it’s not always easy to read. If it can be something more current, then Die Seele eines Spukhauses (only in German; the title translates as The Soul of a Haunted House) by Helena Gässler. This is the most recent book that has engulfed me.