­čçę­čç¬ Biologist and science journalist |

The biologist, science journalist and science blogger Bettina Wurche studied in Hamburg, specializing in marine biology. The whale expert has seen more than 1000 whales on sea voyages, especially in subpolar waters of the Arctic and Antarctica, and is an accomplished expert on the natural and cultural history of these mighty creatures.
She enjoys writing and speaking about creatures in the oceans of the past, present and future. On Earth and other worlds. Her particular concern is the exploration, sustainable use and protection of the oceans with their unique ecosystems. Her work focuses on education and science marketing.
Born in Hamburg, she was stranded in Darmstadt and came into contact with space travel there – as an astrobiology consultant, e.g. for the ESA or TerraX. Another focus is future technologies and the extrapolation of possible life scenarios.
As text agency Meertext, she writes primarily for popular scientific media such as the Spektrum and Bild der Wissenschaft, foundations, research institutions and museums about bio, geo and health sciences, print or digital. She has been running the successful science blog Meertext since 2010. As a self-confessed science fiction fan, she uses the imaginative and narrative power of SF to communicate science and facts. She likes to wear alien outfits at SF and other events and doesn’t shy away from theatrical staging.

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