Alexa Pukall

Another team member answered our round of questions. Meet Alexa:

Please introduce yourself briefly.

My name is Alexa Pukall, I’m a writer/copywriter, and I live in Berlin most of the time. But I also travel abroad a lot and have emigrated and re-immigrated several times. Fantasy has been my thing since childhood.

Why are you a part of MetropolCon?

Because I love fantasy and would like to see more of the con culture I’ve come to know and appreciate in other countries here at home in Germany, too.

It’s Saturday night at a con: Where can people find you?

In a good restaurant nearby, with old and/or new friends.

What do you wish for the future of the speculative genres, especially in Germany?

More experimentation! Fantasy is already pigeonholed into a very narrow category. If we don’t encourage each other to try new things, who will?

Best fictional sidekick of all time?

John Watson

You win a week to a fantastic world of your choice: where to?

My favorite would be one of the pilgrimages to Diana Wynne Jones’ Derkholm. Adventure without the danger of dying along the way. ­čśÇ And you’d have a good time, too, while you’re at it.

One fantastic work (book/movie/series/game …) that you would recommend to all of us?

The game The Stanley Parable. Short and snappy, entertaining and a narrative gem.