A drawing of a crowing piglet with small wings, yelling BUY TICKETS!

You need gifts for your loved ones, we need money to make MetropolCon big, beautiful and sparkly. So here comes our brilliant proposal, the solution for all your problems as well as ours! Give the gift of a wonderful weekend in Berlin, give the gift of fantasy and science fiction! Or simply give yourself the gift of a ticket, if you haven’t already.

We’re being honest: we want you all to be there next year, because this could be a truly awesome thing: the start of a new tradition, the rocket launch into unimagined galaxies, the alchemy of community and imagination. But for that to happen, we need you. We need you and your contribution, because only on a secure financial foundation can we build this bridge to the stars, so that you too can reach for them! Clicky-click for tickets.

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