A drawing of a crowing piglet with small wings, yelling BUY TICKETS!

Before the holidays and the New Year we have some news for you:

DAY TICKETS are now available! Simply go to the ticket page and select the desired day in the order process.

Many of you have been waiting more or less patiently for information about the program. A lot of things still need nailing down and confirming; people, rooms, days and times put in a semblance of order, but we can already tell you some things:

Thursday will have an early evening Reading Extravaganza, running from 6 to 8.30 p.m., followed by a live acoustic concert. The reading event will feature writers who are members of the German Network of Speculative Fiction Authors PAN e.V., namely Christian von Aster, Kris Brynn, Ju Honisch, Ann-Kathrin Karschnick, Madeleine Puljic and Sabrina Železný, with Isa Theobald as the sparkling host. Afterwards singer and self-titled “multi-purpose entertainer” Luci van Org will take you into the dark, mystical sonic realm of her solo project LUCINA SOTEIRA: lyrics in German, English and Latin, a very special atmosphere – Dark Ritual Pop.

On Friday you can expect the Kurd Laßwitz Award ceremony, and in the evening we have another live concert for you: KAT KOAN is planning a special show with visuals and exciting surprises. Between Blondie and electro, glam and grunge, between dystopia and fairy tale, melancholy and power – Kat Koan is when science fiction starts in the club around the corner, when unicorns and fairies with glowing wings take pride of place on stage.

Saturday morning will see the two general meetings of our cooperation parters’ societies: Phantastik-Autoren-Netzwerk (PAN) e.V. and Science Fiction Club Germany SFCD e.V.

We have three keynotes planned, one for each day. Again, it’s still a work in progress, but there will be a PAN keynote, one by Dietmar Dath and one by Mary Robinette Kowal in English (and if everything goes perfectly, she won’t be alone on stage, but that – Achtung, this is a clue! – is still written in the stars). Furthermore, there will be a whole bunch of exciting panels and talks (yes, quite a few in English, too!), numerous workshops (not only) for writers (and again, we have some exciting English ones lined up), as well as even more live music: The GAMMA RATS will give us their cyberpunk soundtrack that is located somwhere between techno and dark electronica.

By the way, we already have 20 confirmed publishers, self-publishers, dealers, fan tables and artists for the Dealers’ Room. A few more days of patience, then you will find them all here.

We hope that these announcements will sweeten the darkest days and nights ahead and give you a first idea of what’s when. In January we will give you more information about further program items. Until then: Go and buy your tickets and … see you on the other side!