­čçę­čç¬ Publisher

The publishing house Torsten Low was founded by the Low couple in 2005 with a focus on fantasy. Originally intended as a pure self-publishing house, this changed quickly.
“Fair publishing” is the motto of Torsten Low, who seeks a mix of unpublished young authors and already published authors with anthologies and novels.
In doing so, it is important to him that he remains true to himself. “I only publish things that have me convinced I can sell the goods, convince the reader. We are at countless events, I also read for my authors and, for example, slip on the bloodstained apron for the cannibal horror of Cecille Ravencraft (The Center of the Spiral). I can only do something like that if I’m really fully behind it.”

The publisher looks into the camera, resting his chin and hands on a skull

The publisher’s books have won awards such as Deutscher Phantastik Preis, Goldener Stephan, and Vincent Preis (the German horror award) several times. In addition, the publisher has been awarded the Buchmesse-Con Ehrenpreis for his efforts on behalf of German-language spec fic and the Vincent Preis Ehrenpreis for his efforts on behalf of German-language horror literature.

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