Emma Braslavsky

­čçę­čç¬ Writer

Emma Braslavsky, writer, curator and artist, was born in a year when a good two million more mines had been put in place on one side of the inner German border, and soldiers with shoulder-length hair had been given hairnets on the other. 

She grew up in a society where the word “commandments” was evacuated and the term “objective necessity” was transplanted so that a person could continue to perform voluntary coercive acts. 

She had the pleasure of spending her childhood and adolescence not only in a democratic republic and a dictatorship of the proletariat at the same time, but also between the Catholic-influenced word fields of her grandmother, with whom she spent the first years of her life, and the thought clusters (characterized by both dry logic and memory gaps) of her father, a mathematician who had lost his memory shortly before her birth. 

The codes fed by all these stimuli, which decisively shaped her thinking and work in writing, curating, staging, solidified the paradox as the pillar of her tragicomic narrative approach, with the help of which she reflects on the meaning and future of humanity.

To this end, She has published multiple award-winning novels, essays, art works, audio art such as the audio comic series AGENT ZUKUNFT or the libretto for the sci-fi chamber opera NEURO-MOON (world premiere May 2023, Theater Freiburg). She became internationally known as the narrator of the novella “Ich bin dein Mensch” (I am your man), nominated for the German Science Fiction Award and turned into a film, which became a spin-off to the award-winning and multiple-nominated novel “Die Nacht war bleich, die Lichter blinktenÔÇť (The night was pale, the lights were twinkling). In July 2023, her fifth novel ERDLING (Earthling) will be published by Suhrkamp.

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