Amandara Schulzke, copyright: Oliver Richter

Amandara is busy being everywhere and wearing a lot of hats (both literally and metaphorically). We did corner her just long enough so she could answer our questions though:

Please introduce yourself briefly.

I am Amandara M. Schulzke, networker, publicist, fantasy and medieval nerd, program director of acabus publishing.

Why do you participate in MetropolCon?

It’s just around the corner from me, I’ve been to so many conventions, it’s only logical that I MUST be there.

It’s Saturday night at a convention: where can you be found?

Apparently talking big and introducing people to each other.

What do you wish for the future of fantasy, especially in Germany?

More positive, realizable utopias.

Best fictional sidekick of all time?

The elf Datames – steward of King Artax – in Bernhard Hennen’s Drachenelfen (not available in English, but his The Elven, Elven Winter, Elven Queen are).

You win a week to a fantastic world of your choice: Where to? 

Darkover at the time when the people of Earth rediscovered the lost colonists.

A work of speculative fiction (book/movie/series/game …) that you would recommend to all of us?

Marion Zimmer Bradley’s Darkover and the game Anno 1800 – though I’m a total SciFi fan – so I definitely have to bring the Perry Rhodan Neo cycle to the table as well.