Juri Pavlovic - Susanne Pavlovic - Texehexe

­čçę­čç¬ Textehexe Editing, writing coach, author

Juri Pavlovic, aka Susanne Pavlovic, aka Textehexe, pronoun she/he/sier. Juri is an author, freelance editor and writing coach. With the team, Juri supports beginning authors as well as established writers. There is a special focus on diversity in every respect and Juri tries to show as much diversity as possible in there work. Juri’s novel “Feuerj├Ąger – Die R├╝ckkehr der Kriegerin” won the Deutsche Phantstik Preis 2016. “Ganz dringend ans Meer” was awarded the self-publishing book prize in 2021.
And: Author of the “FROST-Chroniken”

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