Sabrina Železný

🇩🇪 Author, translator, cultural anthropologist

Sabrina Železný is an author and freelance editor. She writes both fantasy and realism – the unifying element of her projects is the reference to Latin America, whether as a real setting or as a magically enriched alternative history. She is especially familiar with the Andean region thanks to numerous trips and stays, and she also studied cultural anthropology in Germany and Peru. She lives in Berlin with some eccentric plush alpacas and an overstuffed bookshelf.

Her incapunk space opera “Feuerschwingen” was nominated for the SERAPH 2018, and her novel “Kondorkinder” received the 2022 Phantastikpreis of the city of Wetzlar.

Sabrina will be part of the PAN reading extravaganza on Thursday, May 18 from 18:30 in the Kuppelhalle. Together with Gregor Jungheim she will also talk about Magical Realism on Friday, May 19 from 20 to 21:30 in Atelier 3. The two are planning an introduction to the genre with a short workshop on ideas. Moreover, Sabrina will moderate the English-language panel “SFFH around the globe”, also on Friday, from 12:30 to 13:30 in the Kuppelhalle.

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