Erik Simon

­čçę­čç¬ Author, editor, translator

Erik Simon, born in 1950, physicist, contributed significantly to the publication of foreign science fiction in the GDR as an editor and publisher; he himself translated books by A. and B. Strugatzki, Andrzej Sapkowski, Vernor Vinge, and the popular science part of Terry Pratchett’s “Science of Discworld”. His debut volume as an author “Die ersten Zeitreisen” (1977 together with Reinhard Heinrich) was followed by further SF story volumes in the GDR and abroad, and since 2002 by the edition “Simon’s Fiction”, which is now published in an expanded form by Memoranda. In addition to several international SF awards, he has won the Kurd La├čwitz Prize five times, including twice as sole author of the best German-language story and once as co-author with the Steinm├╝llers.

Together with Hardy Kettlitz and Hannes Riffel, Erik will answer the question “What does an editor actually do?” on Friday, May 19 from noon to 1 in Atelier 4 (in German).

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