Bernahrd Kempen

­čçę­čç¬ Fan Table

PERRY RHODAN is the biggest science fiction series in the world. Since 1961, more than 3,100 “dime novels,” over 450 paperbacks and numerous other publications have appeared. In over 60 years, dozens of authors have created the largest science fiction universe in the world, with numerous stories that add up to a gigantic work. The threads of the plot are linked in the novels, weaving a story across space and time – and even the standalone novels belong to this cosmos and add additional pieces of the mosaic to it.

Bernhard Kempen has written for PERRY RHODAN Extra and the PERRY RHODAN miniseries. He also translates science fiction novels and writes stories set in his Xenosys universe. Together with the Berlin PERRY RHODAN regulars’ table he will provide information about the longest-running space opera of the world as well as his own erotic-fantastic SF novels..

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