Writing: Danke Thank you in cursive plus the Metropolcon Logo

… for an incredibly amazing, exhilarating, content-packed and well-attended first MetropolCon!

Only with all of you together we were able to make this vision a reality, thus, from the bottom of our hearts, thank you to everyone who was part of it: Exhibitors, dealers, and speakers, helpers and curious newbies, audience and shoppers, supporting members and sponsors, cooperation partners and team.

We also thank you for your feedback and follow-up reports, your photo albums and enthusiastic tweets and comments, for criticism and suggestions for improvement. We are taking all this into our planning for next time, as we’re already looking ahead to 2026. In a few days we will be able to present our convention in Uppsala, Sweden, at this year’s Eurocon, with a Fantable and our Bid. Exciting!!!

This website will remain as is for now; some content will be moved (e.g. the 2023 program and the partners & sponsors of this first edition can now be found under “About Us”) or revised, but nothing will disappear any time soon. We’ll give you another warning when we start a major renovation or renewal of our website.

Foto (c) Jörg Ritter

To wrap it up, we would like to recommend some con reviews and photo albums that will help you reminisce or – if you weren’t there – get an impression of what it was like, the very first MetropolCon.


Timo Kümmel

Alessandra Reß

Kilian Braun

Wenzel Mehnert

Marius aka mwj


Olaf Kemmler of Lesewuth Verlag



Four (4!) wonderfully prepared photo albums by Jörg Ritter (SFCD) @ Facebook

Roger Murmann @ Flickr

If you also have a report, a video, a photo album and would like to share it with us and the world, please contact us at programm@metropolcon.eu or on our social media channels via PN. Thanks!

See you soon, dear ones, together we head for the stars … and for MARS!

Ansicht des Restaurant MARS im silent green Kulturquartier
Foto (c) Lucie Lukačovičová