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Claudia und Francesco Verso holding up the award certificate and dala horse award statue for Future Fiction Magazine
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Eurocon 2023 and beyond

Claudia and Constanze were in Uppsala, Sweden last weekend, where this year’s Eurocon took place. From Thursday afternoon until the Dead Dog Party on Sunday evening, fans and authors, nerds and artists from all over Europe met here. South Sweden showed us its sunniest side; during the day it was around 25 degrees, even if …

Writing: Danke Thank you in cursive plus the Metropolcon Logo
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Thank you …

… for an incredibly amazing, exhilarating, content-packed and well-attended first MetropolCon! Only with all of you together we were able to make this vision a reality, thus, from the bottom of our hearts, thank you to everyone who was part of it: Exhibitors, dealers, and speakers, helpers and curious newbies, audience and shoppers, supporting members …

An example of Franke's computer art
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Exhibition: Herbert W. Franke

Herbert W. Franke († 2022) was not only a physicist, author, and pioneer of German-language science fiction, but also a trailblazer of computer or digital art. In our exhibition we show a selection of his works, prints from the series “Phantastische Welten” and “Z-Galaxy,” and as a colorful potpourri from 65 years of his art …

In the foreground, a hand holding an orange-colored drink, in the background, the silent green location
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Info about the event and the silent green

MetropolCon 2023 is almost here! Here are a few practical bits of information and tips we’ve gathered for you. If you have any questions, feel free to email us at programm [at] metropolcon.eu Food options onsite: MARS: Restaurant with a small but refined menu, drinks, and a fabulous selection of cakes LITTLE MARS: Small, café-style …



If you are still undecided whether or when to get your ticket, please note: Our ticket prices have remained stable since we started selling them last April. These rates will remain in place through May 7, 2023.Starting May 8, 2023, we wil raise the rates to reflect box office, or on-the-door rates:   until and …

A hand holding an orange-colored drink in the foreground, with the striking architecture of the silent green Kulturquartier in the background

Sixteen weeks to go: more info on programming and other stuff on offer

Androids, Books, Crowdfunding, Deutsch (probably far too much German, tbh), Exobiology, Future Fiction, Gendered Language, Horror, International Fiction, Journeys into possible futures, Kaiju, Laßwitz, Man versus Machine, Forever Nerd, Space Opera, Perry Rhodan, Queer SciFi, Realism, From Scientific Detective to Science Fiction, Translation, Urban Fantasy, a Variety of Workshops, Whales, ToXic Love, DYstopian SF Movies …

View of the silent green venue under a blue sky

Solidarity ticket fund: Apply now!

+++EDIT: YOU CAN ALSO APPLY FOR A DAY TICKET+++ Attending a con is not financially feasible for everyone, especially when travel, accommodation and food costs are added to the participation fee. On our website we have been calling for donations for the “solidarity fund.” People can pay any amount on top of their ticket fee, …