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Logo der Ausstellung Leseland DDR

Leseland DDR

🇩🇪 Exhibition We proudly host the exhibition “Land of Reading: GDR.” For the section “Science Fiction in the GDR” Wolfgang Both, Ralf Neuklirchen and Mario Franke will be awarded the Kurd Laßwitz Prize. The award ceremony will take place on Friday, May 19, from 5:30 to 7:00 pm in the Kuppelhalle. More on the KLP …

Bernahrd Kempen

Bernhard Kempen presents PERRY RHODAN

🇩🇪 Fan Table PERRY RHODAN is the biggest science fiction series in the world. Since 1961, more than 3,100 “dime novels,” over 450 paperbacks and numerous other publications have appeared. In over 60 years, dozens of authors have created the largest science fiction universe in the world, with numerous stories that add up to a …

T.O.R. Verlag Logo

T.O.R. Verlag

🇩🇪 Publisher T.O.R. Verlag is a small publisher that has set itself the task of creating its own mainstream away from the masses. Be it in the field of specialist books or in the realm of fantasy; many gems by unknown authors don’t make it to the big publishers, although they are in no way …

Janna Ruth
DnA Guest

Janna Ruth

🇩🇪 Writer As a geologist, I explored the plate margins of our world. Now I create my own worlds. I currently live in Wellington, New Zealand and am fulfilling my dream of being a full-time writer between fantasy and reality. Click here for the MetropolCon program.