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Ralf Boldt
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Team interview: Ralf Boldt

It’s the treasurer’s turn to answer some questions. Ralf Number Two was an indispensable addition to the team, as you can guess. Please introduce yourself briefly: My name is Ralf Boldt, and I was born a long time ago in East Frisia. I work as an IT manager in a large hospital in the northwest. …

Amandara Schulzke, copyright: Oliver Richter
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Team interview: Amandara

Amandara is busy being everywhere and wearing a lot of hats (both literally and metaphorically). We did corner her just long enough so she could answer our questions though: Please introduce yourself briefly. I am Amandara M. Schulzke, networker, publicist, fantasy and medieval nerd, program director of acabus publishing. Why do you participate in MetropolCon? …

Alexa Pukall
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Team interview: Alexa Pukall

Another team member answered our round of questions. Meet Alexa: Please introduce yourself briefly. My name is Alexa Pukall, I’m a writer/copywriter, and I live in Berlin most of the time. But I also travel abroad a lot and have emigrated and re-immigrated several times. Fantasy has been my thing since childhood. Why are you …

Linda Sack
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Linda Sack

Writer Linda creates, according to her own statement, “Fantasy worlds from Urban to Romance”. She lives in Upper Bavaria with her husband, two children and a dog. Between family, household, and day job, she works on her projects: “Writing is a short vacation for me and that’s exactly what I want to give my readers …

Francesca Kühlers
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Team interview: Francesca Kühlers

Our American team member recommends a German fantasy classic and is eager to delve into her very first convention – on the organizing side, no less. Please meet Francesca: Please introduce yourself briefly. Hi. My name is Francesca, I’m from the US and have lived in Berlin for almost 10 years with my husband and …

Julia Ehrenberg
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Team interview: Julia Ehrenberg

Julia is a blogger and an avid reader. Here are her succinct answers to our introductory questions: Please introduce yourself briefly. Hello, my name is Julia, I live in Giessen and have been an avid reader since I can remember. For many years I’ve been keeping a book blog and currently I’m taking my first …

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Team Interview: Christian Schütz

Christian is part of the PR & SoMe team – and he dropped a few brief answers to our questions: Please introduce yourself briefly Hi, I’m Christian, 52 years old, I live in Swabia and I’m a fan of Sci-Fi and Fantasy since I can remember and read. Why are you part of the MetropolCon …

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Team Interview: Patric Schirrmann

Patric is our IT mate in charge of the engine room – to use a seafaring/spacefaring metaphor. The ship is in good hands. Please introduce yourself briefly I’m Patric Schirrmann, born in 1969, science fiction reader since about 1978 – I can’t say exactly, but definitely early. Speculative literature has accompanied me all my life …

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Team Interview: Ralf Bayer

We now have two team members names Ralf. High time we introduce our 1st Ralf, whose focus is on infrastructure. Please introduce yourself briefly My name is Ralf Bayer, I am 59 years old, married and have three grown-up children. I earn my living as an IT architect. Influenced by the Apollo program, I’ve always …

Dominik Irtenkauf in a black-and-white silhouette shot
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Dominik Irtenkauf

Journalist, author At MetropolCon 2023 Dominik will moderate three panels reflecting his current preoccupations: Social horror – what political transformations does really well-written horror literature undergo? How do toxic relationships relate to political upheaval? Is social decline part of social horror, or are we thinking more of an impending zombie catastrophe? Cue zombies – he …