Interest, Expertise, Moderation

Would you like to be part of the MetropolCon program? As a panelist, moderator, or in some other function?

We are looking for people with expertise in the field of speculative fiction (& art, games, media, science). Let us know in the form below what your strengths are, and we will see where you could fit in.

We think that creative work should also be recognized financially, so as the team in charge of organizing MetropolCon, we endeavor to provide some form of compensation for our speakers. However, since we are still in the early stages of planning – and obtaining funding – we cannot yet say exactly in what form we will be able to offer this compensation.

Your submission is non-binding, you can withdraw it at any time and without giving a reason. As soon as we start putting together the actual program, we will contact you.

If there is an error in the form, an incorrect wording or something should be added, please write to us at

There will be a separate page for helpers on site or in the organization. It will be linked here soon.

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