Do you want to get involved with MetropolCon in Berlin? 
We would be happy to hear from you!

MetropolCon 2023 in Berlin is organised by volunteers who are spread all over Germany. Some are even located in other European countries.

Do you want to know more?
You want to participate, but don’t know exactly where and how?

In the following sections, we explain the possibilities with subsequent announcements for urgent tasks.
This does not mean, however, that possible jobs are limited to what is listed here. Every helping hand is always welcome!
How can you join?
Information on how to become a member of L.O.K.I. e.V. can be found here. Of course, you can also help without becoming a member.
Everyone is welcome. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at volunteers@metropolcon.eu.

Where is help needed?
Below are descriptions of the different teams as well as some of the specific roles we are currently looking to fill. 
If you are interested in any of these, please email us at volunteers@metropolcon.eu


The Finance Team is responsible for everything that has to do with money. From setting up and maintaining the budget, to developing sources of income in the form of selling memberships, raising funds and sponsorships, as well as maintaining cooperations. Paying and approving invoices is also part of the job, of course.

Open volunteer roles

Volunteer and fan support

Here everything revolves around the people who make a successful con. This team is responsible for recruiting volunteers for the many small and large tasks, but above all for ensuring that all our visitors feel as comfortable as possible: Topics are, for example, accessibility and listeners (who take care when violations of our Code of Conduct are reported).  


There will also be a lot of offers outside the programme rooms. In the exhibition area, dealers will be looked after, the art exhibition and other exhibitions will be organised, fan organisations will present themselves and there will be space for board games and RPGs.


This team is planning a program that should be as colorful and diverse as the fantasy scene is. The implementation of this program at the con is also one of the tasks.


If the infrastructure works well, you don’t notice the work behind it. Many hands are needed to make this successful: contact and coordination with the venue and catering providers, setting up and looking after the IT, planning and looking after the event tech, and everything to do with logistics are part of this area.

Public Relations

The public relations team presents MetropolCon to the outside world in a variety of ways. On the internet, this is done via the content of our website, our social media channels, and the newsletter. In the physical world, the team takes care of pre-events, initiates and maintains contacts with other organizations, and organizes our presence at other conventions.