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Info about the event and the silent green

MetropolCon 2023 is almost here! Here are a few practical bits of information and tips we’ve gathered for you. If you have any questions, feel free to email us at programm [at] metropolcon.eu Food options onsite: MARS: Restaurant with a small but refined menu, drinks, and a fabulous selection of cakes LITTLE MARS: Small, café-style …

Logo der Ausstellung Leseland DDR

Leseland DDR

🇩🇪 Exhibition We proudly host the exhibition “Land of Reading: GDR.” For the section “Science Fiction in the GDR” Wolfgang Both, Ralf Neuklirchen and Mario Franke will be awarded the Kurd Laßwitz Prize. The award ceremony will take place on Friday, May 19, from 5:30 to 7:00 pm in the Kuppelhalle. More on the KLP …

Tom Finn

Thomas Finn

🇩🇪 Writer Thomas Finn was born in Chicago in 1967 and now lives in Hamburg. Trained in advertising and with a degree in economics, he is an award-winning writer and fantasy author and worked for several years as an editor and dramaturgist in a screenplay publishing house (Ullmann Verlag für Film, Fernsehen & Theater) and …

David Gray alias Ulf Torreck

David Gray

🇩🇪 Writer Traveling salesman of comfort and dread. We’ll go with this self-description from Dave’s website, that should be enough to make you curious. Dave will be joining us for a live episode of the German podcast “Toxic Love” with his colleagues Isa and Juliane, on Thursday from 8:45 to 9:45 pm in Atelier 2. …

Wolfgang Both

Wolfgang Both

🇩🇪 Science Fiction Expert and Fan Wolfgang is an expert on space, spaceflight, and science fiction. Together with Ralf Neukirchen and Mario Franke he designed the section “Science Fiction in the GDR” for the exhibition “Leseland DDR”, which we also present at MetropolCon. For this work, the three will be awarded the Kurd Laßwitz Prize. …

Lucie Lukacovicova

Lucie Lukačovičová

🇨🇿 Author, translator, lecturer on creative writing Lucie Lukačovičová is a writer, translator and creative writing teacher. She is from Prague, Czech Republic but lived for some time in Angola, Cuba, Germany, England and India. She received a master’s degree in Librarianship and Cultural Anthropology at the Charles University in Prague. She has published over …

Julia Grillmayr

Julia Grillmayr

🇦🇹 Cultural Studies Scholar, Journalist Julia Grillmayr (*1987) is cultural studies scholar, science fiction researcher and journalist. She holds a PhD in Comparative Literature from the University of Vienna and works and teaches at art universities in Linz, Salzburg and Wien. Her research often involves some of the many Cyber-(and other)-punks or eco-(and other)-feminisms as …

Kilian Jörg Foto by Claus Philip

Kilian Jörg

🇦🇹 Author, humanities scholar, DJ Kilian Jörg works both artistically and philosophically on the topic of ecological catastrophe and how its transformative forces can best be imagined and deployed. Previous publications have been on club culture, the political backlash from an ecological perspective and a speculative religion of waste. He is currently researching the car …

The Lovecraft Sextet Jason Köhnen

Jason Köhnen & The Lovecraft Sextet

🇳🇱 Musician and multi-instrumentalist On Friday, May 19, Jason Köhnen presents  THE LOVECRAFT SEXTET ’THE HORROR COSMIC’ A Lovecraftian cosmic horror audiovisual reading: Multi-disciplinary artist Jason Köhnen presents ‘The Horror Cosmic’, a Lovecraftian inspired cosmic horror short story and soundtrack that will be released as an album and illustrated short story on German independent record …