The MetropolCon banner hangs from the upper-floor landing at the silent green Kulturquartier

Hello, are you still there? It’s high time we inform you about the dates and location for the next MetropolCon – our bid for Eurocon in 2026. Here you go: We look forward to welcoming you once more to the silent green Kulturquartier in Berlin, July 2 to 5, 2026!

For those who know the space, or just worry about summer temperatures in general, we want to tell you that the venue is set to install AC in the glass-panelled upper rooms in 2024 (their below-ground facilities are nice and cool year-round, as is the gorgeous, old cupola hall). Plus, we took the feedback from last year’s participants and rethought room distribution, to ensure that programme and dealers’ room will be better connected, the bar area will be more inviting, etc. etc. etc.

We are now busy prepping everything for August, when the decision on Eurocon 2026 will be made – registration for MetropolCon 2026 will open in mid-August. More on that soon.