Who’s Coming

Here is the list of our speakers and guests for MetropolCon 2023.
We will add people and expand the list as we go. Feel free to check back frequently.
Would you like to be part of our program, too, and give a talk or a workshop, sit on a panel?
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  • Ann-Kathrin Karschnick
    🇩🇪 Author of Die Phönix-Reihe
  • Dietmar Dath
    🇩🇪 Author of Venus siegt and Neptunation | Vita tba
  • FC Stoffel
    🇩🇪 Podcaster at “Schriftsonar” | Vita tba Program: tba
  • Hal Schneider
    🇺🇸 Actor and Screenwriter | Vita tba Program: tba
  • Kai Hirdt
    🇩🇪 Regular author at Perry Rhodan | Vita tba Program:
  • Mary Robinette Kowal
    🇺🇸 Author of the Lady Astronaut series | Mary Robinette
  • Theresa Hannig
    🇩🇪 Author of Pantopia | Photo copyright Theresa Hannig Vita
  • Uwe Post
    🇩🇪 Author and co-editor of “Future Fiction Magazine” | Vita