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T.O.R. Verlag is a small publisher that has set itself the task of creating its own mainstream away from the masses. Be it in the field of specialist books or in the realm of fantasy; many gems by unknown authors don’t make it to the big publishers, although they are in no way inferior in quality. TOR Verlag has made it its mission to find these gems and make them accessible to the general public. The subject areas are different. For example, every two months we publish Germany’s largest magazine on treasure hunts, local research and historical topics, RELIKTE der Geschichte. The special issue “CONCRETE AND STEEL” about fortress construction and bunkers is published at irregular intervals. Our specialist books follow this theme and also take up historical and fortification focal points. But not only gray science, but also the imagination is important to us. One focus is the fantastic with its varieties of science fiction, fantasy and dystopian literature in all its different facets, which, although playing in different times and dimensions, allow a different, critical view of modern life in today’s and recently past epoch.

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