The Lovecraft Sextet Jason Köhnen

🇳🇱 Musician and multi-instrumentalist

On Friday, May 19, Jason Köhnen presents 


A Lovecraftian cosmic horror audiovisual reading:

Multi-disciplinary artist Jason Köhnen presents ‘The Horror Cosmic’, a Lovecraftian inspired cosmic horror short story and soundtrack that will be released as an album and illustrated short story on German independent record label Denovali Records in June. ‘The Horror Cosmic’ ventures into the vast darkness of the cosmos, the fear of the unknown and existential dread of eternal solitude. Köhnen composed the music as a soundtrack for the short story. (Friday, 10:30 – 11:00, Kino)

Followed by a short talk on the influence of H.P. Lovecraft’s work on modern day music:

A look into the the influence of Lovecraft’s work on modern day music. How his work influenced genres, artwork, song titles, lyrics, and even the sound of groups themselves. An interesting dive into the sonic universe of the Great Old Ones. (Friday, 11:15-12:00, Kino)


The Lovecraft Sextet is one of the many projects from multi-instrumentalist Jason Köhnen. Renowned for his previous projects Bong-Ra, The Kilimanjaro Darkjazz Ensemble and The Mount Fuji Doomjazz Corporation.

Köhnen coined the term Darkjazz back in 1999 when he composed a track entitled ‘Darkjazz’ for his 2001 Darkbreaks EP. From that point embarking on a long musical journey into dark experimentations with the jazz sound palette in combination with a plethora of genres.

The Lovecraft Sextet was evoked after a void appeared with the ending of his other Darkjazz outlets, firstly TKDE and TMFDJC and then the short lived The Thing With Five Eyes project which saw Köhnen’s first flirtations with Arabic scales and instruments, progressively transforming into his MANSUR project together with ex-PHURPA member Dmitry El Demerdashi and avant-garde metal Thy Catafalque vocalist Martina Hórvath.

Köhnen’s aproach to his releases with The Lovecraft Sextet are to open the spectrum of Darkjazz in all its wonderful and mysterious facets and extend the concept into a multi-disciplinary project; mixing music, illustration, short stories, audiobooks and visuals into an all encompassing entity. 

Each release is seen as a script and soundtrack to a different movie, setting a different pace and atmosphere and playing with unorthodox climaxes and atmospheres.

The projects hosts a list of dedicated guest musicians, who all participate as the leading actors in these scripts, all playing a crucial role in the soundtracks of these non-existing movies.

The Lovecraft Sextet releases her albums on Denovali Records and Debemur Morti Productions, in a way where the Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde part of this project comes to its best and most creative fruition.


In Memoriam (2021- Denovali Records)

Nights Of Lust (2022- Denovali Records)

Miserere (2022 – Debemur Morti Productions)

Black†White (2023 – Debemur Morti Productions)

The Horror Cosmic (2023- Denovali Records)


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