We are delighted that you want to be part of MetropolCon 2023. You can buy your tickets here:

Explanatory notes on your purchase & attendance:

Attendance at a reduced rate: The reduced rate applies to students (school, college, university) and apprentices between the ages of 12 and 26. Membership in one of these groups must be proven at the entrance to the event with the appropriate ID. For children under the age of 12 accompanied by a parent or guardian, there is the option “Kind/Child.” Dealers & artists who are part of the exhibition can also buy tickets at the reduced rate.

Access: We want to give as many people as possible the opportunity to participate in MetropolCon. Accessibility in all its aspects is important to us. If you have access support needs in an area (mobility, vision or hearing impairment, neurodiversity or others), please check this option. We’ll contact you by email as soon as we have a better overview over our options.

Donations/Solidarity Fund: Attending a con is not financially feasible for everyone, especially if you add travel, accommodation, and food costs to the participation fee. If you want to help more people to attend; if you want to support those for whom the costs are a major obstacle, you can donate any amount in addition to your attendance fee. Please enter the desired amount in the appropriate box.

Applications for attendance free of charge, funded by the above donations, are expected to open in August 2022. We will then make this possibility public and account for the allocation for these funds. Donated funds will only be used for this purpose. If the funds exceed the demand for attendance free of charge, they may be used for further support of disadvantaged participants (e.g. travel grants) or transferred to the donation “basket” for the next MetropolCon (currently planned for 2026).