View of the silent green venue under a blue sky


Attending a con is not financially feasible for everyone, especially when travel, accommodation and food costs are added to the participation fee.

On our website we have been calling for donations for the “solidarity fund.” People can pay any amount on top of their ticket fee, to create a fund for the attendance of others for whom the total costs are prohibitive. These donations allow us to issue complimentary tickets for marginalized or socially disadvantaged people. Some wonderful people have already responded to this call, so we can now give away the first four tickets.

Do you want to apply? Just write an email to and tell us briefly why you are applying, and what part of MetropolCon you are most interested in. Please only apply if the cost is a significant barrier for you. We will give priority to people from traditionally underrepresented groups. 

We will keep you informed here as soon as more donations come in and further tickets are available.