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We create worlds.

We encounter the fantastic every day and in many variations. Whether in comic strips in the daily newspaper, your favorite book on the subway or even in some meetings at work. It is fantasy and imagination that make the everyday something special. Series and cinema also tell of time travel, of battles against ancient evils and journeys through space. And finally, it is our dreams that create completely new fantasies from everything we experience and absorb…
The human imagination is the almost inexhaustible well from which the authors of the fantastic draw – no matter which (sub)genre it is. And indeed the picture has changed. The fantasy is no longer a genre that is accused of pure escapism. Social criticism in horror novels and social discourses in fantasy are not uncommon – positions are often taken for variety and diversity.
The reception has also changed, the fantastic is no longer a niche phenomenon. Fantasy and science fiction series are created from fantasy bestsellers, which captivate millions of people, are successful worldwide and are discussed in the feature pages of established newspapers.
But what about the fantastic in and from the German-speaking area? Here, too, the picture is changing, but only slowly. The German-speaking fantasy needs a lobby. A group of stakeholders, readers, publishers and the media, proves that the fantastic is also a movement that should be taken seriously in this country. Represented at all relevant book and fantasy fairs, helping to organize events, supporting authors, organizing readings and experimenting with other forms of reception and presentation. An association that consists of many active and committed members who are open to new things and always approachable.

That’s where we come in. We are PAN.

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