Over the last few months, the MetropolCon program planning team has been working intensively on various contributions for the event in April 2023. But we don’t want to design the program alone: you can participate, because your contributions and suggestions are needed!

But first, a short summary of what MetropolCon wants to achieve.

MetropolCon Berlin is conceived as a multimedia event that will bring together the three major speculative genres. Science fiction, fantasy, and horror will be presented, discussed, and analyzed in all their media manifestations. On the one hand, MetropolCon is rooted in the classic convention format with the individual fandoms and target groups that are still alive and thriving. At the same time, however, it also breaks new ground, showcasing the speculative in its entirety, and promoting the exchange of the different types and variants. With the 5-track concept, we want to work and play with the fantastic imagination in all its diverse forms: Literature, Multimedia, Art, Science, Games. And you can help!

Our three forms are now open for your creative suggestions.


We would like to put together a varied program based around SF, fantasy, and horror, and we need you and your creative contributions. Program items can be lectures, panel discussions, workshops, Q&As, or readings, but also poetry slams, stand-ups, or other possibilities. We are open to your ideas.


Your opinions are important to us! We want to know what you would like to see at MetropolCon. This could be certain people we should invite, but also e.g. discussion rounds on certain topics, or workshops with a focus that might not be so common otherwise.

Interests, expertise, moderation

You are interested in supporting MetropolCon? Great! Because for an event as big as MetropolCon, we need a lot of helping hands. Whether with expertise and input or as a moderating person, we welcome everyone who wants to participate.

All registrations are non-binding. In order to create a versatile program, we collect everything and evaluate what can be combined best.

We think that the work and preparation that go into the program should also be financially recognized. Hence, we are trying to provide an expense allowance for our presenters. However, since we are currently at a very early stage of program and event planning, we cannot yet say exactly how much compensation we will be able to offer, and in what form. We are seeking funds from cultural grants and sponsorships for this area.

We look forward to your contributions and suggestions. Together we will create a great event for everyone.

Your program planning team