🇩🇪 Artist

Since I have loved to draw since I was a child, it was always clear to me that my job had to involve drawing and art. I can also thank my parents for this, who never slowed me down in my artistic project and only supported me (even if there were, or still are, legitimate concerns… how does the daughter pay the rent, only with drawings ?)

Since 2018 I have been a freelance cartoon animator and an illustrator for books, comics and games. For example, I worked as a key animator on the feature film “Fritzi- Eine Wendewundergeschichte”, or I have contributed one or the other picture for the role-playing games of the “Cthulhu” series by Pegasus.

In addition, there are my own artistic works and projects, with which I can satisfy the urge to invent and tell my own stories. For example through my two coloring books in the world of the “Peaceful Giants” or in general many of my personal drawings. Even without text, you can only share your fantasy worlds with other people through images.

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