Rike Wiebelitz

🇩🇪 Sound engineer and sound designer

Rike Wiebelitz is a sound engineer and sound designer at WDR in radio drama, feature and acoustic arts.
As a freelance violinist, she plays in various symphony and chamber orchestras as well as in various chamber music constellations.
She has created sound installations and compositions for the Bundeskunsthalle Bonn, Karstadt-Sport, the radio plays Victoire, Gleisgespräch, Abriss, Marlowes Drama, Wasser, Fünf Sekunden Leben, Die Fütterung and the Theater an der Ruhr.
She lectures at the Tonmeistertagung and at seminars of the VDT.

Radio plays for whose sound she was responsible have been awarded many times: In 2020, türken, feuer was Radio Play of the Year (German Academy of Performing Arts), 6 other plays made Radio Play of the Month; in 2015, Hugo Wolf and Three Graces, Last Act won the Karl Sczuka Award; in 2002, Warteschleife Kölner Hauptbahnhof won the Cologne Media Award; in 2004, Versuchen wir das Unmögliche – Erinnerungen an Che Guevara won the German Audio Book Award; there were also nominations for the Prix Europa.
In 2003 she received the prestigious Golden Bobby for Fünf Sekunden Leben and the Surround Prize from the Verband Deutscher Tonmeister for Blindenspiel.

In recent years, she has been increasingly involved with binaural 3D sound for headphones. In 2020, she created the multimedia art installation VR Phönix for WDR in collaboration with director Jörg Schlüter, as well as the radio pieces Königreich des Schweigens (2019), Preußen. Im Kopf (2021) and in 2022 the first season of Erdsee. The second season was released in April, 2023.

Rike Wiebelitz (sound engineer) and Jens-Peter Hamacher (technician) will give insights into the production of the radio play series Erdsee on Thursday afternoon in the cinema room (Kino).

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